Tuesday, Jul. 05, 2022

Take notes online

With more students trading in their college-ruled notebooks and pens for laptops and other digital devices, the college classroom - and the traditional habits that come with it - are changing. Some professors are opting to post entire courses online, and many universities are offering MP3 versions of various lectures. When you do make it to class, laptop in hand, how will you take notes, and how will you keep them organized? My Note It lets you take, edit and share notes online, and Notely.net is an all-in-one place for you to manage a calender, courses, notes, bookmarks, contacts, and to-do lists. Notecentric lets you write, store and share your class notes online, keeping them all in one place for quick and easy access. Google Notebook offers a straightforward approach to note-taking, and it allows for collaboration among multiple users, as well as publishing feature.

The approach may not make your Stats lecture more exciting, but it may help you keep your notes organized - and get a better grade on the exam!

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