Tuesday, Jul. 05, 2022

Apply to college by making a video

Before the days of widespread computer use, most college applicants wrote out their application essays by hand, trusting a key determinant of their future to a reliable proofreader and the USPS. Then, everything shifted online, making spellcheck and digital dictionaries key to the application process. What if the college essay could be avoided altogether? Though some colleges have started to forego the essay entirely, others are adopting alternatives to it, such as the college application video. According to this Newsweek report, four schools accepted video applications in 2009-10: Tufts University in Massachusetts; George Mason in Virginia; College of William and Mary in Washington, D.C.; and St. Mary's College of Maryland. From singing to dancing to juggling, applicants and admissions staff alike say the approach is a refreshing and creative spin on the traditional written requirement, though experts caution that submissions should also demonstrate a serious side.

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