Tuesday, Jul. 05, 2022

YouTube EDU

With several hundred university-related channels and thousands of free educational videos, YouTube EDU is a university of the people, as it can be attended at your own pace and according to your personal interests -- and without the pressure of grades!

You can take Yale University's entire Psych 101 course with the affable Professor Paul Bloom (20 total lectures/vidoes); practice equations with MIT's Gilbert Strang in Linear Algebra; and debate the morality of murder and the depths of human conscience in Michael Sandel's famous Harvard course, Justice.

To see what others are watching, YouTube EDU lists the most subscribed-to university channels (MIT's has close to 350,000 subscribers!) as well as the most-viewed videos each month, and of all time. You can search for videos by going to a specific university's channel and seeing what's available there, or for a more targeted approach, click on any one of the 13 categories, such as Business, Engineering, History, Law or Math, and all available videos will be sorted accordingly. Aside from course material, YouTube EDU also features special events, such as President Barack Obama's Spring 2010 Commencement Speech at the University of Michigan or a clip of how to play a classic rock guitar solo from the Berklee College of Music, as well as countless other musical performances, panel discussions and sports games. Be sure to check out the Lifelong Learning section.

See an alphabetical listing of universities with channels on YouTube and their direct links here, and see some of the videos and lecture series that our editors found especially noteworthy here.

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