Sunday, May. 22, 2022



  • YouTube EDU
    Hundreds of universities from around the world have created their own YouTube channels, which feature videos of everything from commencement speeches to special lectures to football games to footage of entire courses. Content is free and easily navigable.

  • Academic Earth
    Intended to help guide the online education process, Academic Earth has put together a listing of available online bachelor's degrees and master's degrees, as well as online courses that can be taken for credit. Additionally, the site features select, free lectures and full courses from various universities that offer OpenCourseWare. In some cases, Academic Earth has included a written description next to each video lecture, so you can see exactly what the lecture is about before watching it.

  • TED-Ed
    This extensive video library features brief lessons across a range of subjects, including math, literature and language, science and technology, and business and economics. Videos include "Just How Small Is an Atom?" and "The Real Origin of the Franchise." Each lesson also includes multiple-choice questions, open-answer questions, and links to more information on the topic. You can also share the lesson online instantly.

  • Princeton University
    Princeton University's archive of lectures, dating back to 1998.

  • University of California at Berkeley
    Known as "Conversations with History," this archive from UC Berkeley includes more than 485 interviews with diplomats, statesmen and soldiers; economists and political analysts; scientists and historians; writers and foreign correspondents; activists and artists from all over the world. The project, which offers free videos dating back to 1982, is the brainchild of Harry Kreisler, executive producer and host of the series.

  • Research Channel
    Explore this online video library, with more than 4,000 programs available on a wide range of topics. The site focuses on connecting users with research and academic institutions, and their free content.

  • MIT World
    MIT World is a free and open site that provides more than 800 videos of significant public events at MIT. Search the index by Most Popular, Recently Added, Topic, Speaker and more.

  • Columbia Interactive (Columbia University)
    Columbia Interactive is a gateway to various electronic learning resources developed at Columbia University. The site's database of digital resources includes faculty interviews, learning tools, semester-length e-courses, and more than 100 shorter e-seminars. The e-seminars are free to Columbia students, faculty and staff, and are available to the public through fee-based and licensing arrangements.

  • Georgetown University
    This archive from Georgetown University features free videos of select guest lectures, commencement speeches, interviews, convocations and more. Content ranges from scientific research to religion to politics to musical performances.

  • Harvard@Home
    Harvard@Home is an archive of videos of the teaching, research and noteworthy events going on at the university. This free and open site includes subjects ranging from the arts to social sciences, from history to current affairs, from literature to science and math. Hear from Ted Kennedy, Jane Goodall and B.B. King in this compelling index.

  • Harvard University - JFK School of Government
    These free videos from the JFK School of Government at Harvard University feature lectures, commencements and special events exclusive to the school. Archive spans 2000-2008.

  • University of Oxford - Oxford Internet Institute
    The Oxford Internet Institute, a department of the University of Oxford, focuses on the multidisciplinary study of the Internet and society. This archive features webcasts of the Internet pioneers, scholars and regulators who have spoken at the Oxford Internet Institute, covering such areas as social media, Internet regulation, safety and security online, e-government and democracy, civil society, open access, e-learning, citizen journalism and the future of the Internet. Browse all webcasts, search for something specific or browse by category.

  • Yale Global
    A project of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, these free videos feature lectures and interviews with such past and present influencers as Benazir Bhutto, Thomas Friedman and Kofi Annan. Content dates back to 2001.