Sunday, May. 22, 2022

college counselor

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Information about current and projected employment within an industry or occupation
College planning handouts and links to order free planning resources
Nat'l Assn. for College Admission Counseling
College admissions testing resources
College Board
Information and tools for K-12 counselors
Health and Human Development
Resources on alcohol and drug abuse, health and fitness, suicide and violence
Financial Aid resources
News, tips, calculators and general info.
Financial Aid Toolkit
From the Dept. of Education, this online financial aid toolkit is aimed at helping guidance counselors and others who advise students with college applications.
Ntl. Assn. of Fellowships Advisors
Info. on helping students with applications for various merit-based scholarships.
U.S. News & World Report
High School Counselor Rankings of U.S. Universities