Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021

health and safety

Health Resources

  • CampusHealthandSafety.org
    Information on alcohol, drugs, violence and mental health. Related resources provided.

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - College
    Covers just about everything related to college health and safety: check-ups, vaccinations, fatigue, physical activity, balanced diet, mental health, substance abuse, relationships and STDs. Also features relevant hotlines, spring break tips and a college health podcast.

  • CollegeWorks101
    Mental health, drugs and alcohol, and suicide prevention resources.

  • College Health Guide
    College student health center. Info. on mental, physical, sexual health.

  • 4CollegeWomen
    Comprehensive site covering women's health issues.

  • Health and Human Development
    Good info. on various health topics, including mental health, suicide, violence, injuries, pandemic influenza, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, reproductive health, and nutrition and fitness.

  • College Student Health Tips
    Diet, exercise, sleep and stress relief for freshman year and beyond.

  • CollegeTips.com
    Tips on how to stay healthy in college.

  • College Dorm Room Health Tips
    How the new college freshman can stay healthy.

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Safety Resources

  • CollegeStudentSafety.com
    College safety info as well as first aid kits, pepper sprays, room safes, alarms and more.

  • Dept. of Education
    Campus crime info, including a handbook for campus crime reporting, regulations, data on campus crime and resources.

  • Campus crime data
    Office of Postsecondary Education of the U.S. Dept. of Education. Here, you can get crime/safety data for one institution/campus. You can view the campus's last three years of safety-and security-related statistical data, along with general information about the campus.

  • CollegeSafe.com
    Tips for staying safe on campus.

  • Slam the Online Scam
    Latest online/e-mail scams.

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